Exercise Program for Seniors

19 Jul

"How to balance exercises for seniors" is a ten minute video that was created by Balance Exercises for Seniors with Jillian Michaels. In this video, she explains how balance exercises for seniors can help reduce the risks of falls. Specifically, she explains how the wrong move can lead to a fall and then shares a simple step by step guide to those 5 basic exercises. Note: Although the video name says that there are only 3 exercises, there actually are 5. 

In the first exercise, Michaels demonstrates how to straighten one's knee while bending the opposite leg. Simply shift the weight onto the right leg, and move the knee to the right as you bring the pelvis closer to the body in a forward bend. At the end of the movement, simply shift the weight to the left leg and straighten the knee. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles around the knee, as well as the hamstrings and quadriceps. 

The second balance exercise for seniors focuses on preventing falls. As the name implies, this video shows a woman balancing on a chair while falling forward. To begin, simply hold onto the handles at the top of the chair and lean back slightly. Once the momentum of the fall has begun to slow, simply lift your head up on the chair and swing it outward. This exercise will build strength in the upper back and ribs, as well as the vertebrae of the spine. Make sure to check out this website at http://punch-club.wikia.com/wiki/Exercise_machines for more details about exercise. 

Physical therapists may be able to provide more specific balance exercises for seniors. Many physical therapists work with patients who have severe mobility issues, or cannot walk on their own. In these cases, the physical therapist can teach patients how to perform balance exercises on a walker. A walker allows patients to exercise their body in a safe, controlled manner, without adding any stress to their bodies. Get balance training exercises for seniors here! 

Balance exercises for older adults should be performed on a stability ball, instead of a regular exercise bench. The stability ball helps improve balance and stability. It is easier to perform these exercises when one is in a seated position, as opposed to standing, which increases the likelihood of missing the exercises due to muscle fatigue. When using the stability ball as an exercise tool, it is important to stretch the legs out far enough so that they do not touch the floor, otherwise the stability ball will become very unstable. One should perform a variety of exercises with the stability ball in order to build strength and mobility. 

Seniors should make time to engage in some balance exercises for older adults. These exercises are fun to do, provide exercise, and increase independence. Stretching exercises are a great way to strengthen the muscles that are often affected by falls, arthritis, or other conditions. If you are in a position where you may experience falls, you should see if a home exercise program is a good idea. Be sure to develop positive habits today!

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